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Lahemaa is a small magical place where nature and humans live in harmony. It has deep forests, stormy seas and huge rocks, but most of all, people with old stories and runic songs.
Lahemaa, the oldest national park of the former Soviet Union, is home to the best that Estonian nature has to offer. In the space of 725 km2, you’ll find lush native forests, wetlands stretching to the horizon, and both rocky and sandy beaches. Lahemaa is one of Europe’s most important forest conservation areas and has the largest deposit of erratic boulders in Europe. It is home to many wild animals— moose, wild boar, bears, and lynx. The northern coast attracts many migratory birds every year. The National Park is crossed by several well-signposted long-distance hiking trails, such as the RMK Oandu-Ikla hiking trail and the Forest trail, which is part of the E11 international hiking trail.

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