The sea, harbours and beaches

The sea, harbours and beaches

The sea and beaches make up one-third of the total area of Lahemaa National Park and have a significant role in shaping the local villages and their inhabitants. Local heritage is intertwined with chapters of fishing, smuggling of spirits, captain schools, and shipbuilding.


Small harbors can be found both in Lahemaa (Hara, Viinistu, Vergi, and Võsu) and in the immediate vicinity of Lahemaa (Salmistu). Shallow-draft vessels can also tie up to the dock in Käsmu. Each harbor welcomes its guests with a unique atmosphere, food, and, if desired, accommodation.



The majority of the coastline in Lahemaa is rocky, but there are several beautiful beaches for swimming enthusiasts to enjoy the sun and sea. The best-equipped and well-maintained sandy beach resort is certainly Võsu, and basic facilities can also be found at Suureliiva beach in Vainupea. The beaches on the Juminda Peninsula (Kolga-Aabla) and the Pärispea Peninsula (Loksa, Loksa “Raketa”, Odakivi, Pähknemänniku, Joosti) are definitely worth exploring. For a truly unique beach vacation, you can plan a trip to the sandy beach on either the east or west coast of Mohni Island.

Those who prefer swimming in freshwater can find warm swimming water in Kahala, Lohja, Käsmu, or Viitna lakes. And for an exciting swimming experience, the bog pools in Viru Bog and Kõnnu Big Bog are worth a visit.


Harbours in Lahemaa National Park:



Plan a view of the sea, a swim, or a visit to a harbor restaurant on the Lahemaa Ring here.


The sea is waiting for you to come and experience it – there are various activities and events that you should definitely take part in during the summer season:

Pop-up sea school “Meresõber”

Võsu Surfing School

Hara Sailing

WÜRTH Open Water Estonia – Käsmu 2023

Põhjaranniku Regatt



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