Around the Lahemaa

Around the Lahemaa

What to do in Lahemaa? There are plenty of exciting places, activities, and stories to discover in Lahemaa!

We have compiled a selection of the most popular themes to simplify your journey in Estonia’s oldest and most diverse national park. We guide you on the Rocks and Boulders Trail and Manor House Trail and offer recommendations for Day Trips.


When traveling in Lahemaa, always value the local nature and community. Possible restrictions are outlined in the Lahemaa Conservation Ordinance.

Use the downloadable and printable map on your mobile device or print it out.


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Visitor feedback and recommendations in Lahemaa National Park | Source: Google review


Alexander Nuss
21 arvustust·16 fotot

Beautiful national park in the countryside in-between Tallinn and the Russian border. There is a round way from “Viru raba (parkla)”, which you can walk and it takes about 1h 20min (just walking distance, in snow) when you take a little time to watch it can get easy above 3h.
I felt like in an winter wonderland and on top of that we were there on an tower as the sun set .. it was very calm and beautiful!


Hellar Nirk
245 arvustust·962 fotot

Lahemaa National Park was beautiful as always with its almost pristine nature, cristal clear lakes and rivers. Ofcourse in spring, melting snow and ice add some brownish swamp water which mixes this clearity of the river Valgejõgi. I love this area from my very childhood. Suggest you to visit any time. Now (14.06.22) when the summer is almost in Estonia the waters of the river changed into white or lets say transparent. That explains the name of this river. Surronding nature is really well preserved and gives you the exact National Park feeling without any human touch with all the fallen trees and everything. (04.09.22) less water in the river because of the hot and rainless period. But the beauty of this national park remains the same- but different:-)


542 arvustust·690 fotot

It’s the second most famous place in Estonia after the Old Town in Tallinn. It’s the largest National Park in Estonia. Definitely a must visit while in Estonia and for all nature lovers. I try to go every month. There are several excellent sandy beaches and many hiking trails with spectacular photo opportunities. There are also a few BBQ places where you can camp for free and grill some food (RMK Telkimisala).

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