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The statute of Lahemaa Turismiühing

Visit Lahemaa

The Lahemaa Tourism Association operating under the Visit Lahemaa brand brings together tourism professionals in the Lahemaa tourism area, which includes not only the Haljala and Kuusalu municipalities that share the national park area, but also the town of Loksa and the Kadrina and Tapa municipalities. We invite everyone involved in tourism activities in these […]

Hiking trails

The best way to explore the nature of Lahemaa is to find enough time and comfortable hiking equipment and take on the discovery of the local hiking and study trails. The hiking trails in Lahemaa have varying difficulty levels and are diverse – there are hour-long bog trails, a 45 km Oandu-Ikla hiking trail, and […]


Lahemaa events are primarily an excellent example of the interaction between the beauty of nature and the beautiful arts. The summer in the national park is full of various events: concerts, performances, exhibitions, hikes choose what you like!   The biggest music events in Lahemaa summer are: Viru Folk Võsu Beach Festival   You […]

The sea, harbours and beaches

The sea and beaches make up one-third of the total area of Lahemaa National Park and have a significant role in shaping the local villages and their inhabitants. Local heritage is intertwined with chapters of fishing, smuggling of spirits, captain schools, and shipbuilding.   Small harbors can be found both in Lahemaa (Hara, Viinistu, Vergi, […]

Local stores and markets

The retail network in Lahemaa offers a wider range of products, especially during the summer season, while the everyday needs of the locals are met by the stores in Leesi, Käsmu, and Võsu, as well as the slightly wider selection in Loksa town. During the summer season, Võsu also offers the opportunity to find the […]


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