Transport to Lahemaa, within Lahemaa or from Lahemaa - the roads in the national park are excellent for both wheels, pedals, and even old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages.

As the Lahemaa National Park covers parts of both Lääne-Virumaa and Harjumaa, the transportation arrangements are biased towards the central areas of each county. Unfortunately they do not consider the interests of tourists visiting the national park. One of the important activities of the Lahemaa Tourism Association in the near future is to facilitate organic movement in Lahemaa. It has emerged from the interests of both visitors to the national park and entrepreneurial people involved in Lahemaa tourism activities. The first attempts to implement community transport in tourism will take place in the spring and summer of 2023. In the longer term, the priority is to open more sea routes for Lahemaa guests and offer fun trips and excursions in the bays. As well as transfers between different Lahemaa ports.


Transport Lahemaal
Bussitransport Tallinna ja Loksa vahel

By bus

Public transport runs daily to Lahemaa from Tallinn, Rakvere, and Kadrina, providing the most frequent connection to Loksa town. You can find the most up-to-date travel information on the website of Kuusalu municipality or by using the travel planner


An example to spend Your weekend in Viru bog
151 | 9:40 Balti jaam -> 10:47 Loksa tee
155 | 11:05 Balti jaam -> 12:09 Loksa tee
155 | 13:16 Loksa tee -> 14:21 Balti jaam
155 | 17:46 Loksa tee -> 18:51 Balti jaam


By bicycle

Bike-friendly Lahemaa offers plenty of challenges for cyclists, whether for a day trip or a multi-day "Tour de Lahemaa"! Find a route that suits you best on the Navicup app.

Starting from the summer of 2022, Lahemaa Tourism Association offers rental bikes seasonally at the Loksa bus station tourist information center.


By car

Well-asphalted roads in Lahemaa create favorable conditions for exploring the national park. But be sure to also take into account the nature conservation requirements. Pay extra attention to restrictions on motor vehicle traffic and parking in the target protection zone. Sustainable transport also includes carpooling. So when visiting us, be sure to bring your family and/or friends along.


By vessel

Lahemaa National Park can also be accessed by sea, with the following ports available:



Note! Transport connections to the Lahemaa tourist area also include bus and train transport to nearby cities like Rakvere, Kadrina, and Tapa.

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