Lahemaa top 10

Lahemaa top 10

What to do if you only have a few hours and you have decided to spend them in nature? Come and enjoy that time coolly in Lahemaa – it’s popular!

We have listed the best places and themes in Lahemaa for your quick visit.


1. Viru bog trail and observation tower

2. Leesi village, community store, and church

3. Hara Port and Military Heritage

4. Viinistu village, Art Museum, and harbor.

5. Käsmu captain’s village and maritime museum

6. Võsu village and beach and harbor

7. Altja fishing village and tavern

8. Oandu Visitor Center and hiking trails

9. Some manors from the Lahemaa Ring of Manors

10. Some erratic boulders from Lahemaa Ring of rocks and boulders

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