Museums and galleries

Museums and galleries

There is an endlessly fascinating world around us, and when the weather in Lahemaa lets us down, it’s nice to explore preserved elements of it. The museums and galleries located in the national park offer an overview of the lives and culture of North Estonians as well as a rich insight into the works of Estonian artists from the awakening period onwards.


Kolga Muuseum
Palmse Mõis-Muuseum
Sagadi Metsamuuseum
Viinistu Kunstimuuseum
Viinistu Külamuuseum
Käsmu Meremuuseum
Vihula Viinamuuseum
Lobi Muuseum


Be sure to include these museums and galleries in your Lahemaa Ring!


The annual highlight in the museum scene is undoubtedly Museum Night, which takes place on a Saturday in mid-May and museums across Estonia stay open until late in the evening. Visiting museums on this night is generally free of charge. Museum Night 2023 will take place on May 20th, and the theme for this year is “There is Movement in the Night”.


Museum Night 2022 | May 21, 2022 | Dreams in the Night


Kolga Museum “Alternative Fifties” is an exhibition of miniatures and replica models that showcases what life in Estonia would have been like after the 1940s if there had been continued independence and no occupation. The models and figures take us back to the 1940s and 1950s.

Viinistu Art Museum At 7 pm, a father-son art tour begins, in which art collection owner Jaan Manitski and his son Arthur share their knowledge, stories, and dreams. The tour concludes with a performance by Estonian National Opera ballet soloist Ketlin Oja, bringing to life the dream role of one of the many young ballerinas amidst the sea view and art.

After the tour, there is an opportunity to chat with the performers and locals about the origin of dreams, their necessity, and where dreams come from.

If the weather is good, a pre-sunset bonfire will be lit to welcome the coming summer and the birthday of the Kunstisadam harbor. The evening will be accompanied by an acoustic guitar concert.

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