The gastronomic spectrum of Lahemaa National Park beats in harmony with the local nature and attractions – the majority of the summer lushness goes into hibernation, but the main attractions are available year-round. Both those seeking taste experiences and those looking to fill their stomachs will find something to their liking. Come and enjoy Michelin-star-worthy cuisine, keep an eye out for harbor restaurants on the horizon, and explore the different eras of tavern culture and cuisine. Lahemaa restaurants and flavors are waiting for you!


Support members of the Lahemaa Tourism Association and find catering in Lahemaa right from here.



Mere 38 | Võsu | open in summers

Kaspervik | Käsmu | open in summers

Home restaurant MerMer | Kolga-Aabla

Vihula Manor restaurant

Von der Pahlen | Palmse

Sagadi Manor restaurant

Lahemaa Kohvikann | Palmse

Harbor restaurants

Hara | open in summers

Viinistu | summerseason every day, winter season Fr-Su

Wöse | Võsu | open in summers

Wirkes | Vergi | summerseason every day, winter season Fr-Su

Pubs and taverns

Altja | open in summers


Viitna | summerseason every day, winter season Sa-Su

Kaval-Antsu Kõrts | summerseason every day, winter season Fr-Sa

O Kõrts | Võsu

Caffeterias/street food/catering

Lahemaa Camping caffeteria | Suurpea | winter season Sa-Su

Ukulele | Võsu | summerseason every day

Kuum Kahvel | Võsu | summerseason every day

Võsu Pitsakuller | summerseason every day

Meidi home restaurant | Võsu


All Lahemaa restaurants are welcome to share their information with us on the website, and by becoming a member of the Lahemaa Tourism Association, your catering activity can also be reflected in the Navicup map application.

Note! Lahemaa tourism area restaurants also welcome you to visit the Haljala, Kadrina, and Tapa municipalities.


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