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Lahemaa National Park gives the best understanding of the interaction between conscious human activity and beautiful nature. A diverse selection of attractions has been created in Lahemaa, with alternating picturesque natural views and historical village and Soviet-era heritage.

As Lahemaa National Park is so diverse with its nature, communities and activities, the experience gained here is not limited to sightseeing. Therefore, you are welcome to explore all the attractions of the oldest national park in Estonia!



Lahemaa National Park is truly forest-rich – it is one of the largest forest conservation areas in Europe. In addition, the arrival of a glacier 10,000 years ago has sown the northern coast with erratic boulders. The easiest to find are Majakivi (the 3rd largest) and Jaani-Tooma boulder (the 20th largest) in Kasispea. Estonia’s largest giant boulder, Letipea Ehalkivi, is located 30 km east of Lahemaa as the crow flies. However, various hiking trails in the national park invite you to explore nature in the forests, bogs, and along the coastline. The Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla hiking trail also starts from Lahemaa.



Different settlements decorate Lahemaa’s beautiful nature. Võsu, Lahemaa’s resort center, invites you to spend your summer with its perfect beach, plenty of dining options, and lively evenings. The picturesque captain’s village of Käsmu offers an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the sea view. The surrounding forests offer shorter and longer walks. Viinistu, the cultural gem of the national park, awaits you with Estonia’s largest privately-owned art museum and all sorts of performances and concerts during the season. On the Juminda peninsula in Leesi, locals welcome you with their cozy community village store.


Culture and History

Manors have played an important role in Lahemaa’s history. Renovated Palmse, Sagadi, and Vihula pamper visitors with various services and welcome everyone to enjoy the charm of manors all year round. Estonia’s largest manor is located in Kolk. To get to know this mystical giant, contact a local guide. You can learn about the history of coastal villages at the Altja and Käsmu Maritime Museums.

For those interested in military heritage, the mystical Hara submarine demagnetization station, which is being developed as a small harbor today, is worth a visit. The Pärispea peninsula has several interesting military buildings, too. But the building is in different stages of decay and caution is never too much.


This is only a part of what can be found in Lahemaa. You can find Lahemaa sightseeings when you come to visit us!

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