Hiking trails

Hiking trails

The best way to explore the nature of Lahemaa is to find enough time and comfortable hiking equipment and take on the discovery of the local hiking and study trails. The hiking trails in Lahemaa have varying difficulty levels and are diverse – there are hour-long bog trails, a 45 km Oandu-Ikla hiking trail, and even a rocky kilometer to the northernmost point of mainland Estonia, Purekkari Peninsula. The forests of the Käsmu peninsula invite you to explore on foot or by bike. Lahemaa is also crossed by the long-distance hiking trail E11, which is called the Forest Hiking Trail in the Baltic States and starts in the city of Scheveningen in the Netherlands and ends in Tallinn.


We also recommend bringing a guide with you on the hiking trails in Lahemaa, whom you can find here.


When going into nature, always make sure that the burden you bring with you is limited to your presence. Sort packaging and used napkins according to waste management rules. Keep the hiking trails in Lahemaa clean!


Lahemaa National Park study trails:

Altja loodus- ja kultuurilooline rada | 4,2 km
Koprarada | 1 km
Käsmu loodus- ja kultuurilooline rada | 4,2 km
Majakivi-Pikanõmme õpperada | 7 km
Oandu loodusmetsarada | 4,7 km
Oandu pärandkultuurirada | 3,4 km
Oandu taimetarga rada | 1 km
Ojaäärse metsarada | 3,5 km
Sagadi-Oandu metsajuttude rada | 5,6 km
Tsitre Puude rada | 1km
Viru raba õpperada | 3,5 km
Hara lahe rannalooduse rada
Mohni õppe- ja matkarada
Mähu otsa ja Purekkari neeme linnuvaatlusrajad
Pähkneeme luitemänniku ja mereranna rada
Võsu koduloorada


Lahemaa National Park hiking trails:
Käsmu jalgrattarada | 11,6 km
Käsmu matkarada | 15 km
Oandu-Võsu matkarada | 9,5 km


Observation towers:
Majakivi-Pikanõmme õpperada
Viru raba


Bird watch towers:
Vihasoo linnuvaatlustorn
Viinistu linnuvaatlustornid


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